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Austin Fiber Arts has a long tradition of providing transformative educational experiences in the visual arts. We bring together an outstanding faculty of emerging and renowned artists and professional educators from all over the Texas and beyond. Instruction covers a broad spectrum of fiber arts crafts, techniques and media.  A workshop at Austin Fiber Arts can truly be a life-changing experience.

AFA encourages rigorous inquiry and purposeful risk-taking. We value diversity of artistic expression and provide meaningful experiences for all our participants.

Please contact Lori Bier or our Workshop Chair for information about upcoming scheduled Austin Fiber Artists workshops.

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Upcoming and Previous Workshops


Workshop Design with Susie Monday

“DESIGN FROM YOUR STRENGTHS” With Susie Monday Thursday, October 19, 2017. doors open at 9:00, bring your own lunch workshop goes until 4:00 pm, Fee: $70.00 for members and $80.00 for non-members The workshop location is in the Holy Cross Sunday School bldg, 4622 South Lamar, Austin Texas, 78745 (The building is north of the Sanctuary. Its a gold painted 40’s ranch style house) Purchase On-line Fee: $70.00 for members and $70.00 for non-members Purchase on-line: Members: here $70 Non-members: here $80 Here is the registration form: Download (PDF,... read more

Basket Making Workshop June 24th

Basket Making Instructor : Cricket Rose Check out her baskets on her Facebook page: Date:  Sat. June 24 th Time:  10 to 4 (Be sure and bring your lunch!) Place:  Holy Cross Church. Gold painted house on the other side of the church. Max no of participants:  15. Min. 5 Cost $60 for members plus $15 for materials. Cost $65 for Non-members plus $15 for materials. Send a check to Austin Fiber Artists PO Box 90926 Austin, TX... read more

Workshop March 17: Painting Dye on Silk- Bev Pedersen

Painting with Dye on Silk Workshop a Fun Success!   The eleven students in the dye painting workshop got a full dose of fun and information from Beverly Pedersen on March 17th.  If people weren’t wearing their St. Patrick’s green when they came into the room, there was enough of any bright color to cover them when they left. Beverly explained how to prepare the silk, mix the dyes and achieve different techniques, then let the class explore the color.  Students painted silk on freezer paper, silk stretched on frames, and used leftover dye to scrunch-dye fabric in plastic bags as part of cleanup.   Fun was had by all- just look at the smiles! Beverly, an artist from the pacific northwest, has been painting and teaching since she was a teen.  She has studied in art institutes in Pittsburgh, London, Paris and with artists in the San Francisco bay area and in... read more

Meg Wilson: Nunofelting – November 2016

Meg Wilson, known for her weaving, will lead a workshop on nunofelting. Explore the three Fundamental Methods of Nunofelting. Saturday, November 5, 2016, doors open at 9:00 for set-up; workshop starts at 10:000 to 4:00 pm; (bring your lunch- fridge and microwave available) Fee: $50.00 for members and $60.00 for non-members Supply fee: $10.00 (all construction materials will be provided: prefelts, fiber, embellishments and... read more

Sue Foss- Nozome Fabric Painting June 2016

June 11th- Nozome Community Cloth Project The original concept was developed by Hiroshi Saito, a Japanese artist. His idea was for work to represent “feelings” and to give back through creating community dyed banners to ‘give hope’ to a community or a cause in need. Think about the about the motions that you make – is it squiggles, full of lines or splotches a pattern or just areas of color? In this workshop, we used a community dying effort to create a large piece of art cloth that was then divided up among the... read more

Miki Rodriguez: Fiber ConnectAbility – April 2016

ConnectAbility Miki Rodriguez This class explores traditional and non-traditional fiber techniques using common and uncommon materials. The premise of the class is to connect materials to fabric or paper surfaces using a variety of techniques. Some techniques include, stitching, fusing, stapling, knotting, painting and drilling. Among the variety of materials used, students will choose from wood, found objects, wire, cardboard, fabric scraps and papers. Students will have an opportunity to take risks and unblock their creative energies. Application possibilities are endless-quilts, handbags, pillow covers, book covers, etc. Participants will be asked to bring some of their own embellishments to personalize their... read more

Susie Monday: Nature Inspired Surface Design – June 2015

Workshop by Susie Monday, on Friday, June 5th, 11:30 to 6:00 pm, at $75.00 per person. *NATURE INSPIRED SURFACE DESIGN* Let nature’s colors, shapes and even heat inspire your surface design. The weather is perfect for dyeing, dye-painting and soy wax! Sketching from nature and from collected natural objects (don’t worry, you can do it), we’ll design one-of-a-kind fabrics, silk scarves and mixed media pieces. To learn more about Susie Monday, visit her website:... read more