Austin Fiber Artists

Round Rock Meetings - AFA North!

My town hall meetings are with friends and neighbors, fellow Americans. We engage. —Sheila Jackson Lee

AFA Now Meets Monthly in Round Rock!

The Northern Satellite meeting is held on the second Tuesday of the month in Round Rock.  AFA members are welcome to attend either or both meeting(s).
Meet in the Art Room of the Baca Center at 301 W Bagdad Ave, Round Rock.  There is parking under the building toward the back. There is an elevator to the ground floor. There is also parking on Bagdad, and the entrance is on the EAST side of Baca.  Note: the McConico building is located EAST of Baca, to help give a sense of direction.

Round Rock Oct. meeting – Fiber Art Books

In October we will be continuing a project of a simply made but oh-so-complex looking book from a single sheet of water color paper. This project combines different fibers and techniques and results in a hand made and lovely useful item! If you didn't attend last...

Round Rock Sept. 11 Meeting

The Northern satellite of AFA will be starting a project that will span the next 3 meetings. We'll be exploring the possibilities of combining fabric and paper, paint and stitch to make a simply constructed, but oh-so-complex looking book from a single sheet of water...