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Inviting all creative people to join us at our new northern satellite meeting! Meet at ArtSpace on main street of Round Rock (next to city hall) on the 2nd Tuesdays of each month, 7:00 pm.
Stacy Park Community Project

Supporting the Fiber Art Community

On the second Tuesdays of the month, starting in July, we’ll have a Round Rock based satellite group. Join AFA and come to either or both meetings!
Fiber Art Shadow Box

Dyeing, Weaving, Sewing, All Are Invited

We invite you to attend one of our regular monthly meetings or participate in an upcoming workshop or exhibit.

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Austin Fiber Artists is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to nurturing creative discovery, learning and sharing through arts education and artistic development. We offer a variety of memberships, as well as scholarships. Get in involved with our artistic group.

Memberships run from June 1 through May 31st — time to renew your membership!


Austin Fiber Artists Workshops


Right here in Austin Texas! Our workshops offer an intensive experience on a variety of fiber related topics. All levels of of knowledge and skill are addressed.



Two meeting locations! The main one is south on the third Wednesday of the month. The satellite meeting is north on the second Tuesday of the month. Join AFA and come to either or both meetings!



The largest selection of works by Austin Artists! The fiber artists Gallery showcases an extensive selection of artwork by member artists.   If you enjoy creativity, engaging fiber works then take a minute to peruse our online gallery today, and hopefully, one of our future shows.
And remember, if you’re a member you can add your own images to the gallery.


Come to an AFA Meeting

Share your talents, learn new skills, have fun!

I’ve been attending AFA meetings for years and I have many great memories from day one. What I get from this group is a special creative spark. Sometimes that spark is there on its own in my everyday life and surroundings, but sometimes the spark just won’t ignite. What then?

Well, along comes AFA…the meetings, exhibits, member’s wall, recharge zone and more. What great creativity opportunities the group provides! Learn, go, create, exhibit. Celebrate your individuality.

Oh, and if you are longing for a nice social group, we are a friendly bunch. Community service provides work to share while socializing and we have to pat ourselves on the back for those efforts, too!

Mary M

Heart - Lighted Fabric Fiber Art by Igna Marie Carmel
Diane Barney Owl Family
Susie Monday - The Birth of Stars

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